Tree Planting Glasgow

Aspen Tree Surgeons care about the wellbeing of people and the environment. We believe tree’s play a vital role in enhancing this wellbeing and we’re committed to doing our bit. Aspen provide customers with guidance and a free quotation to help their perfect tree selection.

Aspen Tree Surgeons Glasgow

Our Tree Planting Services

Tree Planting

Once the tree selection process is complete and your tree positioning is agreed, Aspen dig a suitable sized hole to house your new tree. We carefully plant your tree with appropriate soil, ensuring the nursery mark remains visible, before securing your tree with twin stakes & ties. Mulch is then utilised to prevent weed growth and water loss. Your tree is ready to blossom.

Tree After-care

Young tress require care and management to ensure their development. Aspen is happy to provide this service to ensure your young trees and garden are working harmoniously, delivering the perfect landscape results. We take pride seeing a new garden, a new development, or a child’s school becoming a more appealing place to spend time as a result of the correct time and care investment in planting the right tress.

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