Aspen Tree Surgeons provide tree care and tree surgery services for private residents, community organisations and property management companies. Residential tree care is often made more difficult by confined locations. Residential projects typically involve trees growing close to adjoining houses, limited access to rear gardens, tree’s overhanging into other properties and public areas.

Aspen provide the following residential tree care and tree surgery solutions:

  • Crown reduction of tall trees
  • Crown lifting of low hanging branches
  • Crown thinning of thick/dense trees
  • Tree pruning to avoid damage to buildings
  • Pollarding
  • Removal of dead branches or trees
  • Removal of dangerous trees or windblown trees
  • Garden pruning of young trees
  • Stump grinding
  • Advisory Services:

– Tree related insurance/mortgage reports
– Tree Hazard Assessment
– Tree identification and disease diagnosis

  • Conservation Area tree care or surgery, including assistance with Council Applications
  • Planting of tree saplings or replacement of trees

Our Happy Clients

Our land has 6 very mature trees and they required some substantial pruning and maintenance. The work carried out by Michael and his team was first class. When you feel your supplier hasnt charged you enough for the quality of work they delivered, you know you’ve got lucky.

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