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Aspen Tree Surgeons appraise every Tree pruning project on its own merit. Our pruning recommendations are based upon the tree’s condition, the tree type, the tree size, and of course the clients requirement.

Aspen Tree Surgeons Glasgow - Tree Pruning Service

Our Tree Pruning Services

Tree Pruning

Our pruning services are implemented to a high standard and in a fashion that minimises stress on the trees.  All projects implemented use cuts to the  branch collar , as specified in guidelines BS3998 Recommendations for tree work (2010), ensuring the avoidance of flush cuts.

In the case of dead, diseased or damaged branches, we ensure pruning is implemented back to the branch collar. Where branches are crossed or rubbing, we take great care to ensure we prune correctly; leaving a healthy, balanced and aesthetically pleasing final tree.

Tree Pruning Safety

Aspen ensure every project implemented is carried out with safety in mind. All large limbs are lowered by ropes and harnesses to our groundsmen in a controlled manner, ensuring safety for our Team, the Tree being pruned, and any surrounding buildings or property.  Aspen take pride in ensuring our final site is cleared and of no obstruction to the property owner.

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