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Aspen Tree Surgeons are highly experienced in determining the most appropriate course of tree removal. We elect the right procedure for the task, to ensure optimal safety for all concerned.

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Our Tree Felling & Dismantling Services

Tree Felling & Dismantling

Tree felling can be a dangerous job, and its important to leave it to the experts. Certain projects require felling techniques, where the tree is felled in a single section using techniques to control the fall direction. On the ground, our team of Groundsmen systematically cut the branches and feed them into a mechanical chipper, allowing the tree to be efficiently removed from the site. Aspen have an environmental policy which ensures our waste is reused, instead of dumped to landfill.

Tree Felling Safety

Aspen Tree Surgeons ensure every project implemented is carried out with safety in mind. Tree felling is only embarked upon when a site is suitable and no danger to human, property or wildlife exists. When tree felling is not suitable, Aspen select an alternative technique, such as tree dismantling. In extreme circumstances, where the tree may be inaccessibly located, normal techniques for removal are unsuitable and alternative methods including use of cranes or mobile elevated platforms are required. Aspen have experience and expertise in tree felling and dismantling, whatever the environment.

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