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Aspen Tree Surgeons are highly experienced in determining the most appropriate course of tree surgery. We elect the right procedure for the task, to ensure optimal safety for all concerned.

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Our Tree Surgery Services

Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery as a term encompasses a number of different tasks. Our most frequent Tree Surgery services are outlined below:

  • Crown raising: the removal of lower branches to improve ground clearance and help gain sunlight into the grounds.
  • Crown reduction: the trimming of a tree to reduce the overall size and shape of the tree.
  • Crown thinning: the removal of certain branches within the overall tree structure of the tree.
  • Dangerous tree work: removal of part or entire tree to reduce the risk of property / personal injury.
  • Tree Felling: the complete removal of the tree.
  • Pollarding: removing large parts of the tree’s crown and regular pruning.
  • Pruning: the removal of some parts of the trees crown.

Tree Surgery in Conservation Areas*

Aspen Tree Surgeons are approved by Glasgow City Council to carry out tree surgery services to the cities stock of trees, many of which are situated in conservation areas. All tree surgery work carried out in a conservation area requires prior approval from the Council and Aspen are well placed to assist its customers make these applications.

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