Environmental Policy

Aspen are an environmentally responsible company. We recognise the importance of tree care to  the environment and offer our environmental values and expertise in every project. While it is not always possible to save every tree from displacement, or replace a sapling for every removal, it is possible to be always environmentally aware.

Some of our policies in action include:

  • All chippings and logs are fully recycled whenever possible.
  • Suitable mulch and chippings are provided freely to local schools, nurseries and community gardens.
  • Habitat creation & preservation
  • Conservation management specialists to ancient trees
  • Working to the guidelines of the 2nd Edition of The Bat Conservation Trust
  • Promotion of Reducing Pesticide Use in Forestry, as outlined by the Forestry Commission.
  • Promotion of the Woodland Trust campaigns towards carbon reduction.

Aspen are committed to a continuous program of reduce, reuse, and recycle. We welcome any feedback or comments from our customers or website visitors as to how we  continue to achieve more.

Our Happy Clients

Our land has 6 very mature trees and they required some substantial pruning and maintenance. The work carried out by Michael and his team was first class. When you feel your supplier hasnt charged you enough for the quality of work they delivered, you know you’ve got lucky.

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